Introducing our new partnership with coll•auctions : give your designer accessories and clothing a second life

We are excited to announce a unique partnership with Coll•Auctions that allows you to give your designer accessories and clothing a lease on life. Through this collaboration, Coll•Auctions offers a full-service solution, from professional photography to auction sales. This hassle-free process enables you to resell your items to the highest bidder.


When you sell your items through Coll•Auctions, the profits will be refunded to you in the form of a Smets voucher, with an additional 10% bonus. Alternatively, you can opt to receive the amount directly after the sale. This service not only refreshes you wardrobe but also supports sustainable fashion by reducing waste.


You can submit a wide range of high-end items, including :

- Luxury Clothing : From designer dresses to high-end suits from any luxury brands, even those not sold by Smets.

- Luxury Leather Goods : Handbags, wallets, and more.

- Accessories and Footwear : Scarves, belts, shoes and other stylish items.

- Jewelry & Watches : fine jewelry pieces and luxury watches.

- Design and Lifestyle Products : Exclusive home decor and lifestyle items.


  1. Expertise Days : We have organized three expertise days with the Coll Auctions team. During these days, you can drop off your items and receive an initial valuation. Once deposited, your items will be securely stored in our warehouse until the sale.
    The first expertise day was on July 6th, and the following ones are scheduled for July 20th and July 27th. We will then have new expertise days in October.

  2. Sale Process : After completing the administrative details, you will receive a sale request. Your items will thenbe added to the auction catalog, which will be published on September 12th. The online auction will take place from September 19th to 29th.

  3. Convenient Drop-Off : If you are unable to attend the expertise days, you can drop off your items at Smets Flagship, 262 Route d'Arlon. We will forward your items to the Coll Auctions team during their next visit, and you will receive feedback within a few days.


By participating in our partnership with Coll•Auctions, you are not only decluttering your wardrobe but also contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry. This service provides a responsible way to recycle your designer items, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to turn your pre-loved designer accessories and clothing into new treasures for others while supporting sustainable fashion? Visit us at Smets Flagship or join us on our expertise days to start the process.