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Nicolas Di Felice appointed Artistic Director at Courrèges

Paris, 10 September 2020—Courrèges announces the appointment of Nicolas Di Felice at the head of the House’s Artistic Direction, effective as of today.


“I’ve always dreamed of Courrèges, with its radical and enveloping universe. It is a house which means a lot to me and in which I see myself. Its simplicity, clarity, not to mention its optimism—I am honoured to keep these values alive, and I hope to do so with as much passion and enthusiasm as the House’s founder” said Nicolas Di Felice.


Originally from Belgium, Nicolas Di Felice studied at La Cambre in Brussels, then worked for almost 12 years at Balenciaga, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Courrèges, supported by Artémis, its sole shareholder, is beginning a new cycle in its growth thanks to the arrival of its new Artistic Director, along with the President of the House, Adrien Da Maia, whose passion for innovation complements Nicolas Di Felice’s creative vision.

“Nicolas’s appointment as Artistic Director signals a great day in the history of Courrèges. His clear, modern vision for the brand is perfectly in sync with the House’s timeless values. I am confident that Nicolas’s talent will enable Courrèges to keep embodying the promises of the future” declared Adrien Da Maia.


The first Courrèges collection by Nicolas Di Felice will be presented in March 2021. A selection of iconic reedited styles will be available by the end of the year, in the newly renovated space of the historic flagship store at 40 rue François Ier in Paris.



Pictures by @Bleumode, Julien Boudet



A curated selection of Courrèges archive pieces looks at the story of the House through the prism of color. In 1961 André Courrèges founded the House and forever blurred the lines between simplicity and sophistication. Through geometric lines, monochromatic hues, clever and thoughtful creations, the Courrèges wardrobe answers to its own laws but remains open and accessible.

Pictures by @Bleumode, Julien Boudet



Founded in 1961 by André and Coqueline Courrèges, the Courrèges house revolutio- nised the world of fashion and design. Movement, purity, colour, light... such are the hallmarks and distinctive style that Courrèges began asserting as early as 1965 with the emphasis on structured lines and the focus on white, before branching into colour variations and new mate- rials, such as vinyl. Eminently optimistic and full of energy, Courrèges has blazed a trail in every field where it has ever dared to venture.


The revival of this legendary brand is now taking on a new dimension with the decision to change the positioning strategy for its fashion, accessories and perfume activities. It is still focused on its mission of continually offering a growing range of innovative and modern de- signs in keeping with the brand's original ideals.