fw23: After a successful collaboration with KNWLS, Jean Paul Gaultier & Florence Tétier present the Tattoo collection

Since Florence Tétier arrival as the creative director of Jean Paul Gaultier, the French house has been on the forefront of fashion, seasons after seasons.Following successful collaborations with multiple renowned designers and labels, including KNWLS, the Jean Paul Gaultier house presents a homemade proposition for this season under Tétier’s creative direction. Orchestrating the new collection, she offers us a wide range of tattooed garments, trompe-l’oeil and other house’s classics, full of references to Jean Paul Gaultier’s legacy and values.

Tétier presents us dressed-but-naked bodies

The trompe-l’oeil, technique also used in the recent KNWLS iteration of JPG classics, is omnipresent in this new collection. This time, Tétier creates illusions of naked bodies, sometimes tattooed, or unbuttoned and distressed denim pieces with the only use of mesh. The collection also showcases other playful variations of trompe-l'oeil, where textured ribbed wool draws vibrant, colorful lines and two suggestive points on the body. Florence Tétier also chose to play with exaggerated shapes for this season, contrasting wide and cropped fits, letting some parts of the body undressed. All of this is classic Jean Paul Gaultier; Alluring, daring and empowering.

Tétier revamps archives and the iconic conical bra

Jean Paul Gaultier had a strong desire to make fashion enjoyable for everyone, not just the fashion elite, which is why he maintained a close connection to pop culture. Working with Madonna, he crafted a countless amount of iconic looks for her, including the iconic conical corset and the chic zipped suit jacket paired with the daring open-back trousers. Today, these pieces make a comeback into Tétier's latest collection alongside the reintroduction of safety pins, which were seen on modern celebrities such as Bella Hadid. As brooches and earrings, they’ll be easily incorporated in any outfit.

Tétier relays Jean Paul Gaultier’s message

In the 80’s, many import art figures, such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol, actively campaigned against AIDS by incorporating messages of prevention into their works. Sadly, many celebrated artists succumbed to sexually transmitted diseases during this period. Jean Paul Gaultier passed a strong message about this issue with his fashion creations during his spring/summer 1996 runway show. Models were walking with the strong message Safe sex for ever written on their garments. Tétier, inspired by the values of the house, wanted to make it a central theme for her collection, printing the words alongside a striking graphic of a sword piercing through a heart.