FW23: The North Face's new collaboration with Undercover, 'Soukuu,' is out

Fashion collaborations are commonplace these days, but some of them stand out from the others, with a particular philosophy that defines them. After working with Maison Margiela, Gucci or Comme des garçons, The North Face launches a new collection with Undercover, named Soukuu, effortlessly combining the world of high-performance outdoor gear with cutting-edge streetwear. Born from duality between balance and chaos, a concept often found in Jun Takashi’s work, this collaboration seamlessly fuses Undercover's strong streetwear roots with The North Face's high-performance garments.

embrace the essence of soukuu

The name "Soukuu" itself embodies the ethos of this collection, representing a free-spirited approach and the relentless pursuit of emptiness. The collection takes its inspiration from the serene self-assurance of nature and its ability to maintain balance, even when faced with tumultuous weather. Nature always manages to shield itself from chaotic climate conditions. Jun Takahashi used this as his biggest inspiration for the collection, helped by the brand new weather-resistant technologies of The North Face.

discover the new technologies of tnf seen through the lens of jun takahashi

The collection marries iconic pieces from The North Face with Jun Takahashi’s visionary touch. The collection beautifully blends Undercover's Japanese streetwear roots with The North Face's renowned high-performance garments. Jun Takahashi made sure to incorporate some of The North Face's latest technological innovations, including Futurefleece, Cloud Down, and Dotknit, all derived from the flagship Summit Series and Advanced Mountain Kit Performance line. Discover this avant-garde collection, perfect for the upcoming winters.