fw23: Palm Angels lifts Moncler Genius with the new collaboration named "The Art of Lightness"

Started in 2019, the successful partnership between Moncler Genius and Palm Angels is still ongoing today, with a new collection being released, named “The Art of Lightness”. After a teasing foam party thrown in London’s Boiler Room during London Fashion Week eight months ago, Palm Angels and Moncler Genius finally introduce their new collaboration, inspired by the post-preppy Americana look and the style codes of Francesco Ragazzi’s brand.

The Art of Lightness explores freedom through fashion

The collaboration was named “The Art of Lightness”, showcasing soft textures and puffy volumes in the majority of the collection's pieces. The puffers, notably lighter, were designed by Francesco Ragazzi with the deliberate intention of endowing wearers with a profound sensation of both physical and mental emancipation. This design philosophy evokes a hedonistic notion of liberty, which closely resonates with Palm Angels core values of individuality, freedom – and lightness.

The post-preppy style imagined by Francesco Ragazzi

Francesco Ragazzi has consistently embraced the atmosphere of Los Angeles, which served as the primary creative drive for the birth of his brainchild, Palm Angels. Born in Milan, he smoothly made the bridge between the Californian way of life and his Italian roots. This time again, Francesco Ragazzi uses his fascination for the United States and the Americana concept as a source of inspiration. Plain and striped polo shirts, as well as cable-knitted garments, are reimagined with a touch of Italian tailoring heritage, resulting in a fresh post-preppy style which maintains the enduring elements of the genre. The standout piece of the collection is the cable down jacket, a true embodiment of the Italian’s designer vision. The classic Moncler puffer jacket undergoes a complete transformation with the addition of cable-knit wool, a material often-found on the preppy style sweaters of the 90’s, giving it a unique vintage aesthetic. This garment completely epitomizes the principle idea of Moncler Genius: The reinvention of the French house and its iconic puffer jackets with the help of visionary minds like Francesco Ragazzi.