You are three founders, how did this story begin?

Sabina and I are twins, and she met Denitsa in 2005 through their then-boyfriends who are brothers, and we have been inseparable ever since. The decision came really naturally. Planning my garden wedding, we couldn’t find any stylish, yet wearable shoes to match our vision. So, we decided to create them ourselves! Once the idea was born, it was only a matter of time. There has always been a strong heritage of shoe craftsmanship in Bulgaria and when we visited a small family-run factory by chance, we really felt like it was meant to be! We are still partnering with them but have expanded a lot. The idea behind the brand was to make cool shoes that are comfortable and make women feel like they can conquer the world.


Could you tell us a bit about your background? When did you realize that you had affinity for designing bags? When did you decide to become designers?

Before we started BY FAR, we were working on a construction project. Another endeavour before we entered the fashion industry, was in sustainable solar energy business. All three of us are very passionate about visuals and fashion, therefore it was only natural to move to fashion.


Are all of your bags from leather? What kind of leather are you working with? Do you want to explore other materials as well?

Our leather products are made out of natural leather for its comfort, beauty and resilience. Our brand has a history working with premium Italian deadstock leather, it’s how the first collections were started back in 2016. Although that is no longer the case, we still try to integrate it whenever possible like in our collaboration with the Vestiaire Collective. It was so exciting and inspiring to turn fashion’s ‘waste’ back into something beautiful and desirable. Through the years, we’ve also introduced few styles crafted from silk including the Kubi bag and a limited edition of the Rachel baguette.


Can you describe the kind of woman who carries a By Far bag? What is your target market?

The BY FAR woman is confident and travels the world, so she needs accessories that will match and compliment a lot of outfits. But at the same time, she likes to have fun, feel sexy, go out with her girls and dance all night long, and have long romantic walks.


It’s very surreal to see all those phenomenal women truly loving their BY FAR pieces and carry them day in and day out, even though these girls have all the options in the world! We’re really blessed to have the Jenner and Hadid sisters, Irina Shayk wear their BY FAR bags religiously!


Where do you find creative inspiration? Do you have a favorite designer you really admire?

Denitsa (our creative director) has great taste and it’s amazing to watch her ideas develop, sifted through these iconic pop-culture references from 90s and 00s and, of course, our personal style. It’s always a bit nostalgic but in a cool and fresh way. The pieces reflect memories and milestones, the design is always driven by emotion. We love this authenticity behind our collections.


Do you have a favorite bag? What’s the story behind it?

If I have to pick one style, it would definitely be the RACHEL bag, born after binge-watching Friends for a weekend, for its widespread love and truly authentic effortless vibe that speak about the sense of the brand. And it has a baby – the Mini Rachel, that is so special and cute, our celebrity following can’t get enough of it.


What’s next? Any future projects? Are you going to design bags for men as well? Or do you have some other plans?

For PF’21 we introduced two new lines – knitted scarves and belts. Made from an ethically sourced alpaca fibre with recycled polyamide, BY FAR scarves will prove once and for all that nothing can look or feel better than sustainable fashion. The belts are pretty much inspired by the 90s with gold plating that creates a stunning contrast with the leather and adds a beautiful focal point to any outfit. For FW’21 we are extending our product line even further, including something created specifically with boys in mind, but we can’t share nothing more yet. As for the near future, we’ve planned so many huge things for 2021, and we have such an amazing team to realize them with, and we just wish to be healthy and well to turn 2021 into our best year yet.


Just one more question for curiosity’s sake 🙂 Where is the name By Far coming from?

BY FAR is named after our son’s names which are by far our greatest pride: F. for Filip (mine son), A. for Alec (Sabina’s son) and R. for Roman (Denitsa’s son). Therefore, BY FAR for us means made sincerely with love.


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