Gucci's upcoming Ancora Collection

SS24: Gucci’s upcoming Ancora collection impresses at Milan Fashion Week

In the spotlight at Milan Fashion Week, the Gucci SS24 Ancora Collection brings contemporary flair to iconic classics. After working for other big Italian houses such as Prada or Valentino, the new creative head of Gucci revisits the iconic loafers, belts, bags and ready-to-wear in a sleek way which reminds the Tom Ford era.  

Dive in the iconic gucci's heritage

The collection, named Ancora, is an artistic exploration which delves into the desire of repossessing items we already own and reviving the spark for them. Ancora, translating to again in Italian, encapsulates the essence of nostalgia and heritage.  

Following Alessandro Michele's maximalist approach in recent seasons, De Sarno takes a different direction, presenting a runway that is less extravagant but equally inspiring. This marks a transition towards a more subtle form of luxury, all while maintaining the vibrant and festive essence of Gucci, with the inclusion of glitters and contrasting colors that infuse energy into the celebration.

Engage with the new rosso ancora

The striking pop of colors between the neutral tones commanded attention on the catwalk. It’s not the first time that a brand uses a recognizable color for their collection, we have witnessed red on Louboutin’s soles or on Courrèges signature pieces over the years. Gucci is known for its combination of red and green but this time, the Rosso Ancora, a really deep red, steals the show. Historically tied to Guccio’s Gucci story, this color is a nod to the walls of the hotel where he once worked, before creating his eponymous label. More than a century later, De Sarno continues to build upon the house’s timeless heritage, showcasing the brand's remarkable journey.